Green Breakfast Club was founded because of resources – who has access to them to survive & thrive, who has access to them to innovate in response to the world today – and how we can foster full inclusion so that all may take part in the transition to a green economy.


Green Breakfast Club’s core drivers are: 1) the current business as usual model of monetizing resources imperils people and planet 2) resources are finite and a post-growth model is needed, especially given that the world’s poor bear the largest brunt from climate change 3) few startups have the resources they need, and of the less than 1% of all startups that do get funded worldwide, over 90% of them are founded by white males over the age of 35. 4) radical ecological innovation, and full inclusion to innovation – can change this across all sectors, markets, industries and peoples.


A few stats led to Green Breakfast Club’s creation:

Over half the world’ lives on less than $2.00 a day Less than 1% of all startups worldwide receive funding

Between 88% and 92% of all startups that receive US seed funding were founded by “white males over 35 who have launched previous startups”

1% of the world’s wealth is owned by women The world’s 85 richest people have as much wealth as the world’s 3.5 billion poorest

Frontier Markets are hit hardest by climate change, while their innovators lack the resources in their enterprise ecosystem to innovate in response Social and Ecological startups, and all startups worldwide – have difficulty accessing funding and the non-capital resources needed to thrive

If less than 3% of all startups receive funding – what happens to the other 97%?


All of the above can change if we all help each other, by sharing. It’s one of the oldest human behaviors.

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